Reserve the Meeting Room


Bodman Memorial Library
8 Aldrich Street (Parking in the Philadelphia American Legion parking lot)
United States
42° 2' 22.7724" N, 71° 37' 15.78" W

Our second floor meeting room is ideal for groups of 10 people but could accomodate a few more if needed.  It is equiped with a Smart TV, Laptop, Internet Access, small kitchenette with microwave and refrigerator (if needed) and a table to seat 8 people comfortably.  If you would like to reserve the meeting room please download the Meeting room policies and return it to the library for review.  Please allow the library ten days to respond to your request although most times it will be less than that.  Our second floor is handicap accessible by use of a lift chair.  Any person(s) with a disability would need to use the lift chair and then get in to the wheelchair at the top of the stairs that is provided by the library.  If you have any questions please contact the Library Director during library hours.  

Please give specific contact information such as a valid phone number or email address that you can be reached at. If you have strict hours of contact please list that also.
Please list the dates and times you would like to reserve the meeting room.
Please make sure that what you are requesting the Meeting Room for is compliant with our library's Meeting Room Policy.