Minutes September 21, 2020

Minutes for Bodman Memorial Library Board Meeting


Date:  September 21, 2020

Attendance:  Sky Weaver (President), Carol Weaver (Treasurer), Lynn May (Vice President), Debbie McKenzie (Library Trustee), Deb LaMora (Library Trustee), Tracy Tanner (Library Director)

Meeting called to order at 7:05 pm

Approval of June 15, 2020 minutes

Motion made by Debbie McKenzie; Seconded by Deb LaMora

No visitors present

Treasurer’s Report: 

Second half of Jefferson County funding received in August which equals the anticipated revenue for the funding year of $2,900.00.  Second half of the revenue from Town will come in October ($4,500) and Village paid ($5,000) in June.  LLSA (local library services aide) of $1,400. may not come as it is disbursed by NCLS who relies solely on state aide. 

Revenue is normal, but because of NY on PAUSE our spending has been significantly less.  The biggest difference in budget lines in comparison from September 2019 to this September (2020) is in library staff and employee benefits.  Tracy went on unemployment two weeks after closing in March 2020, and Jessica declined unemployment due to other employment obligations.

Last year’s funding check for 2019 of $35,000. from Indian River School District was not received until January 2020. Carol is concerned that if the check comes on time this year in Nov/Dec 2020 it will look as if we had $70,000 in revenue.  Carol will inquire with an accountant if the library will have to pay income tax on that amount since technically we should not have received the funds in January.  Financially, the library is in good shape (at minimum) through year end.  The Library has a contingency fund that has increased due to saving the $1,000 payment for the public computers.  The Library contingency fund will contain ~$7,000. at year end.  This will help carry us through into 2021 if the school check is late again.

Motion to approve Treasurer’s Report made by Lynn May, seconded by Deb LaMora

Director’s Report: 

Library hours have been well received by both patrons and staff.  Tracy and Jessica alternate days, and have not contacted Hunter yet about working.  In the future Tracy would like to open back up to the 23 hours a week that the library was open before closing and offer some of those hours to Hunter.  If and when the library does reopen it is a good idea to have some evening hours to accommodate patrons who work until 4-5:00 pm and students who may get off the bus later in the afternoons.

Signage is posted on both front and rear doors at the library regarding new policy for COVID.  Patrons are being good about wearing their masks when they enter the building and some even wash their hands.  Common areas are being wiped down periodically throughout the day and at open & close.  Books being returned have their own designated space to be quarantined for three days between openings, but mostly are wiped clean before binning or shelving.  The library is using Pine-sol to clean with because it contains an active, human coronavirus killing ingredient from the cdc/epa List N. 

On average 12 patrons visit the library when it is open.  Sometimes a few more, sometimes a few less.  Being open full service is beneficial as patrons are using all types of services.  Checking out books/DVDs/etc., using the computer, printing, faxing, copies, even notarizing. 

FOL have at least $1,000 they’d like to donate to the library but they would like a list of items the library would like to spend the money on.  Originally, at the beginning of 2020 Tracy suggested a Makerspace in the children’s area but due to COVID that is not practical right now.  Tracy came up with a list of items in order of importance to give to the friends:

  1.  Children’s Books. (Sebco Order March 2020)                                                                  $400
  2. SCOLA. A foreign language database for Philadelphia patrons only.  Over 100 users in
    2019 and ~500 web hits.                                                                   $300         
  3. Web Cam and Microphone.  This will allow people to participate in zoom meetings
    or the conduct business meetings, google classroom, etc.                                             $129
  4. Computer Chairs.  Ones that can be wiped clean; non-fabric type
    5 chairs for the five computer stations @ $99 each                                                      $495
  5. Computer Desks.  Current ones are broken and cannot be moved
    easily to accommodate the six feet social distancing rule.  Library would
    also like to have some sort of barrio around the work station to allow safety
    and privacy.  Prices vary from different distributors                                            $600-$800

The list amount is over $1,000. However, the FOL will be conducting another meat package fundraiser this fall and this will give them a goal to work for. 

Old Business: 

FOL donation to the library.  This was discussed during Tracy’s Director’s report.

New Business:

Newsletter will be sent out Wednesday 9/23/20.  NCLS has had to move staff positions around and after speaking to Kathy VanNess at NCLS it is allowable for us at Bodman to personally deliver the newsletter to the Watertown bulk mail. 

NCLS is facing major funding cuts from NYS.  Susan has mentioned that IT is not a service mandated for the Library Systems to provide to member libraries and Tracy is preparing for the day that NCLS will no longer provide IT support.  IT currently provides a lot of support for the member libraries and saves hundreds to thousands of dollars.  IT has done the fiber, E-rate, houses the server, email accounts, website accounts, software updates, bulk equipment purchases, wiring in the buildings, and more. 

Susan Mitchell also mentioned combining our circulation system with CEFL.  Tracy asked if that would save member libraries money and she said the cost for libraries would not go down, but it would not go up.  Susan mentioned that right now, the money they take in from member libraries is not enough to cover the current cost of Sirsi.  This merge will potentially change our delivery services from NCLS as well.  Cloud based, shared services is the future of NCLS and will eventually be the reality for most if not all member libraries. 

Sky mentioned how Wendell did a nice job on painting the gazebo and putting the new storm door on the library.  The white and green match the library very nicely.  

Motion to extend library hours on Wednesdays beginning second week in October from the hours 3:00 – 7:00 pm made by Deb
La Mora, seconded by Lynn May.
Tracy asked if Thursdays would be OK to open in the evening in case of staff scheduling and it was agreed that either day would work so long as the library was open in the evening.

Updating a policy for COVID and library pandemic is needed.  Libraries are not listed on the NY Forward website anywhere.  Libraries were included in phase I of reopening in the retail sector with curbside only, but the word “library” is not listed as its own business. 

Motion made to adjourn the meeting at 7:56 pm by Carol Weaver, seconded by Lynn May.