Minutes March 16, 2020

Minutes of Bodman Memorial Library

March 16, 2020


Meeting called to order at 6:56 pm

Attendance:  Sky Weaver, Carol Weaver, Deb LaMora, Debbie McKenzie, Jessica Taylor, Tracy Tanner

  1.  It was brought to attention from IT at NCLS that member libraries may want to consider opening access to their public wifi 24 hours a day.  Tracy recommends keeping it at the current hours of 9am – 9pm seven days a week in consideration of the library neighbors. 


All in Favor

  1.  Compensation during the pandemic.  Library staff will be paid for 30 days at average hours worked from the previous year.  Jessica has 11.5 hours and Tracy has 15 hours.  The library will continue with normal hours for Monday and Tuesdays 2-7pm and by appointment when needed.  Jessica will work on Monday and Tracy will work on Tuesday.  Hunter will not work at all based on NYS executive order that non-essential/regular personnel can not work.  Tracy and Jessica will continue to work on projects behind closed doors but only up to average hours.
  2. Book Club, ALS, and all classes are and will be cancelled.

Meeting adjourned 7:26 pm