Minutes June 15, 2020

Minutes for Bodman Memorial Library Board Meeting June 15, 2020

Attendance:  Sky Weaver, Carol Weaver, Lynn May, Debbie McKenzie, Liz Culbertson, Tracy Tanner

Meeting called to order at 7:00 pm

Approval of March 16, 2020 minutes:  Motion made by Lynn May; Seconded by Liz Culbertson

Treasurer’s Report:  We have received $5,000 from the village of Philadelphia and Carol has checked with the Town to make sure we are still on track to receive funding for this year 2020.  Despite the current events, the budget vote from the Town was done prior to this year and we are safe for the $9,000 – two installments of $4,500.  Our contingency fund is good.  We used to make our computer payments from there and last year was our last payment so we will have an extra $1,000 in contingency this year.  We need to keep an eye on the budget throughout the rest of the year and if necessary we could reduce hours in November/December to save money.  Our hours of operation stand at 23 hours a week when NYS minimum standards only require 20. 

Motion to approve Treasurer’s Report made by Liz Culberson, seconded by Debbie McKenzie


Director’s Report:  Many libraries have opened up for curbside service only.  This is where patrons call ahead for their books and a library staff member either delivers the books to patrons in their vehicles or leaves them on the porch out front of the library building for pickup.  Tracy asked at today’s director’s meeting via zoom if anyone was doing anything besides curbside and it seems no one is.  Tracy asked executive director of NCLS if and when libraries would be allowed to let patrons in the building to resume regular services and Susan’s reply was she was not sure and didn’t know when that would be.  Tracy has been attending regular Zoom meetings on Mondays at 3:00 pm with other library directors and much of the subject has been about access to PPE materials and cleaning supplies.  In order to open back up Bodman Memorial Library needs to adopt a few new policies as well as a safety plan given the current situation.  Tracy wants to check with the other three IR libraries to see what their plan of reopening is and what kind of schedule they will have to allow and adjust Bodman’s hours possibly to give patrons the most access to library materials they can have.  Cook’s Hardware store has plexiglass and Tracy will stop by and pick it up.  The board set a tentative reopening date of July 6, 2020.

Old Business:  The FOL want to paint the bilco doors in the back; Claudia had called the library and gave a list of things they will do right before the shutdown.  This will have to be revisited.