Speak UP! NO MORE CUTS to Library Funding.

Libraries provide a valuable Community Service.  They offer a wealth of information that in many cases cannot be found anywhere else.  They provide the tools and technology to keep the information Highway open and keep you connected in a digital world.  Libraries are not a luxery, they are an essential service.  Governor Cuomo has realeased his budget and once again has proposed a reduction in state aid to libraries.  State aid to libraries benefits all libraries:  public (that's us), college, hospital and schools.  Libraries have not seen an increase in funding since 1998, not even through the good economic times.  Library costs have gone up and continue to do so but usage is also increasing. One might think of only books when they hear the word library, but it is so much more than that as evidence has proven this to be true with a 20% increase in usage.  The Governor is also proposing cuts to library construction aid from 19 million to 14 million.  This is the same funding that helped our little rural library turn a old fashioned house in to a completely handicap accessible library fit for the 21st century.  State aid also helps the North Country Library System provide small libraries like ours with automation, delivery, outreach services, IT, maintaing the catalog, online databases, eBooks, grants, and assisting with new funding initiatives.  Please use the link provided below to a pre-drafted letter to our legislators and tell them how important your library is to YOU. 

STAND UP FOR LIBRARIES!  TAKE ACTION NOW and tell the Governor that library aid should be INCREASED, not CUT.  CLICK HERE to be redirected to a page with a pre-drafted letter to voice your opinion.  After you submit your name and address you will have a chance to EDIT the pre-drafted letter.  The system will automatically select yoru representative based on the information you provide.

Thank you for your Support! 

48th District:  Senator Patty Ritchie

Email:  Ritchie@nysenate.gov

Dulles State Office Building
317 Washington Street, Room 418
Watertown, NY 13601
Phone:  315-782-3418
Fax:  315-782-6357


116th District:  Assemblywoman Addie J. Russell
Email form located at:  http://assembly.state.ny.us/mem/Addie-J-Russell/contact/

Dulles State Office Building
317 Washington Street, Suite 210
Watertown, NY 13601
Phone:  315-786-0284
Fax:  315-786-0287