Philly N.Y. Rocks!

Have you heard about the painted rocks that kids (and adults) have been finding lately?  It's so fun!  When you find a painted rock, flip it over.  It will probably say where it came from and ask you to post a picture of it to a specific group on Facebook.  There are several groups in our area - Antwerp Rocks, Philly N.Y. Rocks, Rocks in Jefferson County, NY, Star Lake Rocks, Canton Rocks and tons more.  Some rocks have made it here from Ohio!  If you do not have Facebook - No Worries!  After you find your rock it is now your turn to re-hide in a new public place.  Some ideas for hiding would be Kent Lane (Peanut Park), Philadelphia Town Park, Bodman Memorial Library, Community Center, Walking Bridge, Philly Primary School, or anywhere you choose.  It doesn't even have to be in Philadelphia.  Paint a rock and on the next trip you make out of town hide it in another town to pass on the fun.  We have plenty of rocks and paint here at the library and it is free for anyone wanting to paint their own rock and join the fun.  

Don't be shy, come on in!

"Find a rock, pick it up,
All day long you'll have good luck!!
Post a picture on this page,
It does not matter what your age.
Keep your favorite one or two.

Re-hide the rest and replace some too"