Minutes for June 19, 2017

Minutes for Bodman Memorial Library Board Meeting June 19, 2017

Attendance:  Sky Weaver, President; Carol Weaver, Treasurer; Debbie McKenzie, Trustee; Tracy Tanner, Library Director


The regular meeting was called to order by president, Sky Weaver at 7:02 pm.

  1.  Approval of the March 20, 2017 board meeting minutes

Motion to approve the minutes was made by Debbie McKenzie.  All in favor.

  1.  Visitors
    1. No visitors
  2.  Treasurer’s Report
    1. We received $5,000 check from the village in June, we are scheduled to receive money from the town in July and October - $4,500 each time.  In November we receive money from Indian River which will increase by $5,000 for a total of that is not currently listed in the 2017 budget.  Office supplies looks a little high but we have started ordering from W.B. Mason and they are reasonably priced considering they deliver and have everything the library would need.  The $4,950 in “other grants” is the money that we requested from Senator Patty Ritchie’s office for the roof repair.  There is $300 is fees used for our accountant which was $100 more than budgeted because of the NYS Construction Grant last year.  Everything else looks to be in line. 

A motion to accept the treasurer’s report made by Debbie McKenzie.All in favor.

  1.  Director’s Report
    1. Circulation stats compared to April 2016 are up by 23 checkouts and down 33 checkouts in comparison to May.  The number of cardholders is up by 61 but because of the recent purge of approximately 50 patrons the number of cardholders will probably hold steady around 1333.  Patrons who have not used their library card within five years and do not owe any fines or have any holds are purged once a year.  There were 287 library visits in April 2017, 93 of them were here to use the computer only; there were 249 library visits in May 2017 and 89 were computer users.  This is not an exact science.  Cassie and Tracy use tally marks when a patron comes in and marks them as computer users if they are only here to use the computer but when times get busy they do not always remember to write down every single person who walks in and if anything these numbers are lower than the actual number of library visitors.  The computer users are figured in to the total of library visits.  We need some new furniture for the library to include a receipt printer and barcode reader and a couple computer monitors.  Tracy got a quote for this necessary equipment from Jerry Schell in IT at NCLS with a total cost of $623.00.  Tracy also suggested a webcam and microphone for the upstairs meeting room.  Carol W. asked who would use it and it would be for anyone wanting to video conference meetings and Tracy could use it for JAB or NCLS workshops that allowed video conferencing and would cut down on travel costs and time.  We also need new computer desks and computer chairs for the public computers. 

A motion to proceed with the purchase of receipt printer, bar-code reader and stand and new computer monitors was made by Carol Weaver, seconded by Debbie McKenzie.


  1.  Summer Reading theme is “Build a Better World” Tracy is working on setting up programing.  Tracy is also starting a Code Club for kids to learn computer programing.  Code Club is for kids ages 8-12 and will run on Mondays 12:30 – 2:00.  Currently there are 3 kids registered out of 5 available seats.
  2. Fiber Project.  We have been granted the necessary extension by USAC in regards to the initial installation of lines to the building and Jerry Schell will let us know when our site visit will be.  In the meantime we need to be CIPA (Child Internet Protection Act) compliant and adopt a new Computer Use. 
  1. Old Business
    1. Policies.  Carol stated that she will come over to the library and make sure all policies are typed and current.  Carol will then email them to all board members.
  2.  New Business
    1. We need to proceed with fixing the roof.  Jeff Cook had given Carol an estimate to do the smaller portion of the roof and Tracy will contact him in regards to doing so.  We also need a certificate of insurance from Cook’s for tax purposes by July 11, 2017 or else the money that was paid to him last year will be added to our salary/wages for Bodman.  Tracy got a quote from Advanced Business Systems for a new copier.  It is a used machine that should last the library another five years as it has a very low volume on it and the price is $2,700.  Much less than the $5500 for brand new.  The contract for the new machine will include color prints as well as black and white and we will no longer be billed separately for color, but of course at a little higher cost.  ABS is good about adjusting our contract to match our volume every year.  Tracy suggested giving our old machine to the historical society as we did the last time we upgraded and will contact Mechelle Francis about it as well as collaborating about the 100 year anniversary and the year 1917.  The consensus was to move forward with purchasing the new copier.  Tracy will contact Senator Ritchie’s office in regard to the money requested for the roof.
    2. Steve Bolton is retiring and his retirement party will be at the Italian American Club in Watertown. Anyone wishing to attend must RSVP with Kathy Vanness at NCLS ASAP.


A motion to adjourn the meeting at 7:37 pm was made by Carol Weaver and seconded by Debbie McKenzie.