Minutes for March 20, 2017

Minutes for Bodman Memorial Library Board Meeting on March 20, 2017


Attendance:  Lynn May, Vice President; Deb Mckenzie, Trustee; Liz Culbertson, Trustee; Tracy Tanner, Library Director

The regular meeting was called to order at 7:13 PM by Vice President Lynn May.

  1.  Approval of September Minutes
    1.  No minutes.
  2.  Visitors
    1. No Visitors
  3. Treasurer’s Report
    1. Tracy reviewed the budget/financial report:  Utilities are constant with no significant change; Outreach was author visit on January 31st, Gene LaLonde; No questions.

Lynn May moved to accept the Treasurer’s report; Seconded by Deb Mckenzie.Motion approved.


  1.  Director’s Report
    1. Data-Graphic Report – discussed the trends seen.  September is good for magazines and July is strong for amount of checkouts. 
    2. Tracy would like to analyze the adult nonfiction collection to see where strengths and weaknesses are as well as to spot gaps in information.  Upon completion would like to poll the community to see where interests lie (ASVAB/Test Prep; Agriculture; Entrepreneurship; Cooking; etc.) for future purchases.  Nonfiction books are expensive and increased funds for book purchases would be needed for this. 
    3. Annual Report is finished.  Tracy would like to make a “100 years in review” for the community to see the changes in the library. 
    4. Focus Group suggested (10-12 people) – focus questions and opinions of the library.  Not everyone reads the newsletter or is aware there is a library in town.
    5. Mobile Library – explore our options for community outreach.  Tracy mentioned that with the “little libraries” if we are enticing patrons to come in to use the library for more books by newly found authors perhaps, we need to have more money in the (book) budget to be able to buy those books from those authors that people want.  Books are expensive, upwards of $20.00 for a hardcover and $40.00 for large print.  In order to get people to come in – we need to have what they want.
    6. Roof Repair – estimate from Jeff Cook came in at $800 for just the one damaged section or $3,000 for the whole back half to match the front half.  Carol wrote a letter to Senator Ritchie’s office for assistance.  It was suggested that we ask Assemblywoman Addie Jenne to see if there are funds available. 
    7. Program attendance was not so great for the author visit in January but Tracy said we need to just keep trying to get people in and keep spreading the word.
    8. Carol attended a village meeting to give updates and info on the library and Tracy and Carol plan on attending a Town meeting in April.  It is good to have a presence at these meetings to thank them for the money that we have received in the past and remind them to keep funding the library in the future.
  2. Old Business
    1. Meeting Room and Public Use Policy Review.  Changes were recommended to add a $2.00 charge for garbage (if needed) for groups or encourage them them to take their own garbage with them; There was a spelling error with the word “sponsored” and to omit the rule that sales are not allowed – this rule would not permit groups to meet for home parties such as pampered chef or Lia Sophia and it was agreed that those types of requests would/should be permitted.

Motion made to approve the Meeting Room Contract and Public Use of the Library Policy made by Lynn May; Seconded by Liz Culbertson.Motion Approved.


  1.  New Business
    1. Antwerp is going on the school ballot for a $5,000 increase.  Presently, Antwerp receives $30,000 and Philadelphia receives $25,000; Theresa receives $20,000; Evans Mills receives $15,000.  There was discussion and Lynn expressed concerns that if we keep asking for more money, someday when we really need it, it won’t be there.  Liz and Deb M. said we won’t get anything if we don’t ask and Liz states that it’s all going to fall back on the community at some point.  Tracy mentioned that it’s not a matter of if but when Jefferson County funding is taken away completely (less $2,800) we still won’t be making much gain with the $5,000 increase.  Tracy mentioned that the foundation will be needing some repair also and large purchases are approaching for furniture items that are getting worn out (computer desks and chairs are falling apart, printer/copier, etc.)

Motion made by Lynn May, Vice President to override the 2% tax cap and go on the school ballot for a $5,000 increase; Seconded by Deb Mckenzie.Motion approved.


Lynn May adjourned the meeting at 8:18 PM.Next meeting is June 19th at 7:00 PM.