Minutes for September 18, 2017

Minutes for Bodman Memorial Library Board Meeting September 18, 2017.   

Attendance:  Sky Weaver, President; Carol Weaver, Treasurer; Lynn May, Vice President; Debbie LaMora, Trustee; Debbie McKenzie, Trustee; Tracy Tanner, Library Director. 


The regular meeting was called to order by president Sky Weaver at 7:02 pm. 

  1.  Approval of the June 19, 2017 board meeting minutes 

Motion to approve the minutes was made by Lynn May, seconded by Debbie LaMora. 

  1.  Visitors 
  1. No visitors 
  1.  Treasurer’s Report 
  1. Friends of the Library (FOL) contributed half the cost for our receipt printers and new monitors in the amount of $374.50.   
  1. Second half of funding from the town comes in October and our biggest portion comes in November from the school.  Our funding is on track.   
  1. $2238.00 for children’s books was donated from the Philly Preschool program that has resolved in Philadelphia.   
  1. Library staff - Cassie has left so Tracy will be working most the hours will cause the increase the salary a little bit - one solution is Margaret Hedding filling in and plus the new girl Ciara Renda.   
  1. Magazines are high and it was discussed that we may need to give up People subscription because it uses half of the total budget.   
  1. Utilities are good, we think that the second-floor renovation has helped with insulation and keeping the cost down.   
  1. Fees are mostly Paychex.   
  1. Outreach is a combination of summer reading and newsletters; we still have backpacks and school supplies for any children in need.   
  1. Phone is running $55/month;  
  1. postage and freight for one newsletter.   
  1. Building Land/Improvement is what it is because of the anticipated 5K form Senator Ritchie.  Plus, we also had bats again and Ron Granjean came again to clear them out.  He said they can get in through even the tiniest of cracks.  We mentioned this to Jeff Cook and he said when he does the roof he will look around to see if he can patch any holes/cracks.   
  • Equipment is the copier 
  1. Building Maintenance is everything - flowers, mowing, cleaning, etc.  
  • Contingency fund is $6,005.21 and that is the account that if money is taken out it gets replaced exactly penny for penny. 

A motion to approve the treasurer's report made by Lynn May, seconded by Debbie LaMora. 

A motion to approve the donations made by the Friends of the Library and Preschool Program made by Lynn May, seconded by Debbie LaMora. 

  1.  Director's Report 
  1. Tracy discussed the circulation and library statistics.  As of August 31, 2017, there are 1,370 registered borrowers in Philadelphia.  August was high traffic month with over 327 visits to the library, 11 new patrons added and 283 checkouts. 
  1. There were 14 kids signed up for summer reading and five out of ten backpacks were sent home with children who had read for 100 minutes per week for at least two straight weeks.  The other children did not want a back pack and picked prizes out of the treasure chest instead.   
  1. Movie nights in July and August had a total of 21 in attendance; Rock painting had over 25 people in the month of August; digital literacy (basic computer classes) with four people on Mondays started 9/11. 
  1. Fiber Project Update:  Syracuse Utilities for DANC has been here and done their site review, installed DANC rack and brought the fiber cable in to the building.  Cook’s Contracting has installed the new outlet dedicated for the hardware that will be needed; the splicer will be here next to put ends on and connect the fiber cable to equipment that will go in the rack; NCLS will then follow w/final installation.  Our CIPA policy needs to be adopted.  $100,000 from Senator Ritchie and $125,000 from Addie Jenne have cleared the financial review process.  Might be a good idea to send a thank you.  J 
  1. Trustee Tips Newsletters  
  1. National Friends of the Library Week is Oct. 15-21 
  1. Ciara Renda is our new hire; Cassie has resigned to work more hours at her other job 


  1.  New Business:  The policies are all redone, reviewed, revised.  They are all in the book downstairs with the exception of circulation policy and Long Range Plan.  Anyone wants to take the book to review is more than welcomed.  Carol added a help desk and test proctoring policy; Deb Lamora will review the disaster policy.  Long Range plan has been revised to be 2018-2021.   
  1. We should try to get better signage around the town and village to increase awareness of the library’s location and existence.  Carol suggested asking Sue Boschock if we could put a sign on her building and maybe the legion fence.  Lynn said if any signage is going to go on Route 11 it needs to be approved by DOT.  We should seek the advice from Matt Montroy regarding zoning issues.  There are still people in the village that don’t know where we are.  Little Libraries around town and village might help raise awareness 

A motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:03 pm was made by Deb LaMora, seconded by Lynn May.