Minutes for March 18, 2019

Minutes for Bodman Memorial Library Board Meeting Monday March 18, 2019

The meeting was called to order at 7:02 pm

Present:  Sky Weaver, President; Carol Weaver, Treasurer; Debbie Mckenzie, trustee; Tracy Tanner, Director.

Visitors:  Hamed Adaime was present. 

Treasurer’s Report: 

December Year End:  Revenue was $49,631.  Expenses: utilities are always are killer.  Building Land Maintenance was way under that is because we didn’t have the $3,000.  Along the bottom are the libraries accounts.  The $648 is a memorial fund, the $8,265 is our contingency fund – we keep that for emergencies.  Our computer payments come out of that account that are just over a thousand dollars.  2019 will be the final payment for our computers and after that our contingency will continue to build. The school money is the largest sum.

February:  Stat is under building maintenance.  We saved money by switching the phone to VoIP but STAT doubled what their annual fee for the wireless usage which canceled out any benefit.  

Motion to approve the treasurer’s report made by Debbie Mckenzie, seconded by Sky Weaver.

Director’s Report: 

Hours are being displayed inaccurately on Google.  Twice in recent months people have contacted the library questioning hours on Sundays.  It was requested to put the library hours in bold in the newsletter. 

The Friends of the Library agreed to buy a Roomba for the library.  Tracy suggested this as a way to keep the floors clean on a daily basis as the Roomba can vacuum while staff is doing library duties and we wouldn’t need to pay the cleaning people, therefor the Roomba would pay for itself within a year.

Wednesday hours are catching on and Jessica is seeing more traffic during the AM hours.

Fine Free for juvenile patrons is going well. 

Tracy has drafted a letter that will be sent out to blocked patrons, all trustees agreed the letter was appropriate to use.

Old Business: 

Newsletter – Jessica is working up a story hour blurb we are running a poll for story hour.  We will put the fish fry dates, trash pickup, and other important community dates.

New Business: 

FOL had a meeting with the community center and discussed letting the community center take over the tree lighting ceremony at Christmas time.  There was no one from the library present or invited to this meeting.  Carol mentioned that it could be a good idea to let it go to the community center because the library doesn’t have the man power. -- (Amendment made 6/17/2019 in bold) or profitable.

Dr. H said that he noticed when he came to Philly he noticed potential here, but there is no businesses coming here.

Dr. H has been officially welcomed to the Board of Trustees.  Hamed Adaime  dr.hhealingminds@yahoo.com

Motion to adjourn the meeting made by Carol Weaver and seconded by Debbie Mckenzie.