Minutes for June 17, 2019

Minutes for Bodman Memorial Library’s Board Meeting Monday June 17, 2019

Meeting called to order at 7:03 pm.

Attendance:  Carol Weaver, Treasurer, Sky Weaver, President, Dr. H, Trustee, Debbie Mckenzie, Trustee, Tracy Tanner, Library Director.

Visitors:  Sharon Peabody, Jessica Taylor

Approval of the March minutes:  Amendment: Carol would like to add under New Business letting the tree lighting go – adding that it has not been profitable.

Motion to approve the minutes as corrected made by Carol Weaver and seconded by Dr. H

Treasurer’s Report: 

5 months- Town money will come in July and October; Carol has covered that with Cheryl.  $4500 each time.  $5k will come from the village which came first week of June and the Jefferson County funding, $2,900 will come in August or around there…and the school is $35K which comes in December.  Expenditures look high for May but there were 3 pay periods that month.  Utilities look high compared to year budget but now they are starting to lower for summer.  Although the library has electric heat, the stone basement keeps the building cold.  Sirsi:  Up until this year we’ve been able to pay in installments, but this year the total amount was due on receipt.  Carol took $1000 out of contingency to cover it because we didn’t have enough in the checking account to cover it.  The $3,000 in “other grants” is from Senator Ritchie to stain the ramp and Carol has been in touch with the contractor and told him we need it by the end of June (or else we need to send it back.)  Wages are going up $0.70 per year.  The book lines are combined on the annual report so if one is high and one is low it balances out.  Mileage reimbursement, Jessica’s notary fees, and SAM’s Club are under misc.  In the revenue section under gifts and endowments, the FOL gave the library the Roomba and paid the Sam’s Club membership for a total of $344.98. 

Motion to accept the treasurers report made by Debbie Mckenzie and seconded by Dr. H. 

Director’s Report:

Staff update:  Tracy reported that Jessica has been working at the library for over a year now.  Her anniversary date was March 26, 2019 and she is very glad to have her on board.  Jessica is fully capable of handling any task in Tracy’s absence.  Hunter’s last day is Tuesday June 18th, 2019.  She will be graduating high school this year and working full time again on Wellesly Island and then moving to Potsdam to go to college in the fall.  She will be missed.  Hunter’s mother Tina Hewitt offered to fill in a couple hours here and there if Tracy and Jessica every want time off at the same time.  Tracy thinks Tina would be a great sub and will reach out to her for more details.

Story hour:  Jessica has been having story hour on Wednesday mornings for preschool aged children and it is slowly picking up.  The library still plans on having a SRP and collaborating with summer rec again.  As of right now, the village could not provide any details about summer rec but said they would let us know when they do.  Tracy mentioned that attendance for SRP is great with the summer rec program but it is hard to get the parents to bring the children in afterwards for books.  Children in the rec group are not allowed to check out books without their parents present so that the parents are aware of these items being borrowed from the library and they don’t get lost.

Tracy proposed the following changes be made to the current circulation policy:

C.  Children 12 and under must apply with a parent or guardian and that adult’s signature is required on their registration form.

A.  All items (except new items & Magazines) may be renewed 1 time 2 times if there are no holds.

B.  Users are fined $.10 per day for each overdue item (except video) Juvenile patrons 14 years old and under will be registered under a Juvenile – No Fine Profile.  Patrons who hold library cards under the age of 14 will not be charged late fines.  This fine forgiveness is for late fees only and does not apply to lost items.

C.  Borrowing Rules:

d. Interlibrary Loans may be renewed once twice only if the lending library permits renewals and there are no current holds on the item.

A motion to approve the changes to the circulation policy as written made by Carol Weaver and seconded by Dr. H.

Old Business: 

Google Hours:  Tracy established hours and authority on the Yelp website but couldn’t find where there was a listing for Bodman that said we had Sunday hours.  Update on Tree Lighting – Tracy Talked to Claudia last week and the FOL are still going to do the tree lighting but just do the raffle baskets and not pay for the horse rides or anything else.  The FOL are also going to do a raffle in the fall for half a pig/cow and a turkey dinner with all the fixings. 

New Business: 

Carol talked to someone at the legion about using a bounce house and cotton candy machine for summer reading and she will be coming over to talk to Jessica or Tracy more about it.  Newsletter – this time we didn’t utilize Deb. M. or Dr. H’s help because we got the information from the Town of Philadelphia regarding the Friends and Family day at the park June 22nd and got the newsletter done within the next 2 days but Tracy will next time.  The library always tries to help our funding partners.  The newsletter needs to be sent to NCLS first and they will handle taking it to the post office for all future newsletters.  Newsletters need to be kept to library pertinent information.  Sky signed the contract with the Town and we will be getting our funding in July ($4500) IT out at NCLS has been noticing that windows updates are bogging down the server and causing problems with many PC’s and recommend that libraries upgrade their software.  Tracy said the cost is approx. ~$45 per PC and Carol said we can take funds out of contingency to pay for it.  Jerry Schell’s last day is July 1 and he’s retiring.  His ice cream social is tomorrow at NCLS June 18th if anyone is interested.  The board has welcomed Sharon Peabody to the Board of Trustees.  Sky thanked Dr. H and Sharon for coming to the board and said it’s nice to have some new blood.  Tracy will add email addresses of Dr. H and Sharon to the website so they can start receiving NCLS’ emails. 

Motion to adjourn the meeting was made at 7:47 pm by Debbie Mckenzie and seconded by Dr. H.